Zilliqa News Today – Headlines for July 11

  • Tron and Zilliqa turn to TikTok following the latters success with DogeCoin
  • A viral video on TikTok has made Dogecoin enjoy an outstanding week
  • TikTok might be the most efficient way to promote the crypto project

Zilliqa News today – it will appear the cryptocurrency project’s Zilliqa and Tron have turned to Chinese mobile app TikTok to promote their offerings. Recall the massive success that Dogecoin achieved after a promotional TikTok video of the project went viral. The Justin Sun led Tron project has proposed a similar strategy for the TRX token.

Zilliqa is also planning to launch its TikTok campaign. In recent years, social media has helped shape and change the landscape of finance and investing in the world. In the case of investigating, the last week has seen the price of Dogecoin rise remarkably due to a viral promotional TikTok video posted by James Galante. Galante in the video suggests that buying Dogecoin will make you rich. At press time, the viral video has been liked 73,000 times and has over 6,000 on TikTok.

Zilliqa and Tron (TRX) Turn to Tik Tok

The success achieved by Dogecoin has inspired other crypto offerings to create their very own TikTok challenges. The founder and CEO of Tron, who is ever-vigilant, Justin Sun, has quickly identified the great potential of TikTok when it comes to reaching a new demographic of investors. Sun, took to Twitter to announce that the Tron Foundation will be shifting its focus to doing content on TikTok.

The potential of TikTok and viral videos related to crypto projects has caught the attention of Zilliqa. The members of the ZIL community have reportedly wasted no time as they move to launch a TikTok campaign. They are currently creating ZIL based Tik Tok content. Zilliqa revealed its plans via a Tweet by its head of marketing, Colin Miles. The tweet highlighted a new way to promote the project with TikTok.

Tik Tok is Set to Become Pandora’s Box for Digital Assets

The video posted by Galante which has helped to popularize Dogecoin has paved the way for other projects to gain access to a pandora’s box for advertising crypto projects. The mobile app has an average of 800 million monthly active users. It is currently the number one most downloaded app of this year. Furthermore, among the 800 million active monthly users, 69% fall between 13 and 24 years of age. Hence, we can agree that TikTok might be arguably the most efficient avenue for crypto projects who need the attention of young people.

Note that such a move may be walking a thin line by luring the inexperienced investors into the digital asset space. Perhaps cryptocurrency exchanges will follow the footsteps of Binance exchange by issuing multiple warnings on their platforms relating to the risks of trading cryptos.

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