Which government Bond would you choose with a Bogleheads approach in mind? : eupersonalfinance

I’m looking into investing in a government bond ETF with the following characteristics (I live in Belgium):

– accumulating

– EUR denominated or EUR-hedged

– inflation-linked or containing 1-3 year bonds

– domiciled in Ireland

– AUM > €500m

– Bonds from developed economies only

And for the moment these are the only one meeting all criteria:

iShares Euro Inflation Linked Government Bond UCITS ETF ISIN IE00B0M62X26, Ticker IBC1

iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3yr UCITS ETF (Acc) ISIN IE00B3VTMJ91, Ticker CSBGE3

iShares USD Treasury Bond 1-3yr UCITS ETF EUR Hedged (Acc) ISIN IE00BDFK1573, Ticker IBTE

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