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Hi everyone, I’ve just started saving and coming from a poor family, I really don’t know how to manage money. All I’ve done is based on what I read on this sub.
I’m nearly 22, working from 1 year and an half now, this is what I’ve done and my plan.

I got 8k€ as emergency found in my bank (still live with my parents and have near to 0 expenses so it can be much lower, like 5k, but you never know)

I got extra 2k€ in my bank, these are the savings for my future car (I’ll need to change mine in a bunch of years as it has already 200k km and is from 2007)

I got 10k€ invested, mainly in tech stocks, I’ll use this money (and what I add each year) to try and buy a house without getting in debt

My plan now is:
.invest 10k€ each year, divided month by month, for the house. (Getting it hopefully around 28, 6 years from now)

.save up the extra money for my next car

My doubts are:
.I’ve already invested the 10k€ I planned to do this year, should I still invest something every month? I think it’s the best solution, probably I’ll do something around 300 each month as I’m saving for other things such a car and a decent holiday.

.I’m passionate about cars and I’d like to buy one that I’ve been watching since I’m a kid. I can buy one with about 25k€. It’s also not fuel efficent at all. Seems like a waste of money to me, isn’t it? Sadly it’s the only material thing I really want. Should I?

.should I move the emergency found to another account? I’m not touching it anyway.

.should I do anything else?

I got no debt and make around 1500€ for 14 months each year.

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