What to do? Want to buy a house : eupersonalfinance

Hello everyone, this is probably a bit of a rant, but I really need some kind of advice since I have no clear idea what to do with my future.

I am 30y old and live in Italy, I have a ok job and earn around 3k net a month. I have 70k in a savings account. I pay rent now for around 10 years and really want to buy an appartement but the house prices in my region are completely out of this world, below 400k-500k you don‘t get much.

I never really invested since I am not confident with the stock market and I never knew if I should keep the money on hand to buy something, but now I am really really out of ideas.

What would you do? Search for something cheap (200-300k) and buy a small appartement? Stay in a rented appartement and invest the money? I really need some guidance and fresh ideas. Thanks everyone

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