What should I do with the money that I worked so hard to make? : personalfinance

I was born and raised in a poor family in Africa, my country is poor and the level of life is so low but my family was poor even by those standards, I did good in school and graduated college by working all sorts of jobs that don’t pay all that much anyway but I could barely get by, I moved to a country far from mine to get a decent job with my qualifications and I finished my second year 6 months ago in here, 10,000 dollars is what I could put together throughout this period which was anything but easy, I want to seek advice on what is the best way for me to invest this amount to be able to get back to my country and help my family which is still struggling with poverty, I cannot afford to lose money and I’m just tired of being away from my people and I need to find a way to grow the amount that I put my sweat blood and tears to make, your help is much appreciated

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