Unstable job out of college : personalfinance

Hi all, I’m in a very unique situation where I started a job in May making 8-10k a month (contracted hourly wage) on a 1099. This job is technically only until the end of summer, but now my boss has told me we will likely be working into halfway next year. I now have also just got a promotion and will be making up to 20k a month. This income is insane and great, but it’s very unlikely my next job will be close to this level of pay, and I have not secured any job for after. I am unsure A) what to do with the money B) what to do about taxes and (should I hire an accountant?) C) what to do about finding a job if this is going into next year (I have been applying but now am unsure if I should continue). I can provide more info as needed. Thanks in advance!

My, current expenses are very low for the summer. Long term SO (currently on internship, rising senior) is paying rent while we save my income, and expected college loans for me look to be around )500/month rent+loans and food starting in September will likely be 2k/month.

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