Tron News Today – Headlines for April 4

  • Tron announces new partnership after collaborating with Refereum
  • The goal is to allow video game streamers receive TRX and BTT
  • Tron is enabling a decentralized future

Tron News Today – Blockchain network Tron has landed a new partnership with a major player in the space. Via a press release, the Blockchain network announced that it has entered a partnership with Refereum. Refereum is a video game streaming platform. Tron said the partnership will enable video game streamers to earn TRX and BitTorrent Token passively in the press release.

Tron Partners With Refereum

In a bid to facilitate the use of digital assets among video game streamers, the Tron network has signed a strategic partnership with the game streaming platform Refereum in a move that will see the latter’s users earn two of the most versatile and liquid digital currencies available today TRX and BTT.

The partnership comes at a period when the majority of people worldwide have maintained isolation by staying indoors as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The press release revealed that the main aim of this collaborative effort is to give users an avenue to generate passive income by giving them an incentive on what they do best which is playing and streaming video games.

Recall that in December of last year, Refereum also partnered with DLive (the distributed ledger technology platform). The goal of that partnership is to launch a digital token rewards scheme for over six million gamers globally. Now, with this new partnership with the Tron network, Refereum has once more paved the way for its users to passively earn some TRX and BTT while sitting at home.

TRON Enabling a Decentralized Future

Per the report, through April, all users who join Refereum, retweet specific content, and watch video game streamers on DLive, will receive “loot crates” that comprise of TRX and game codes. Speaking on the development, the CEO of Refereum, Dylan Jones, said:

We hope that via this partnership with the Tron network and DLive we will be able to make this time at home a more interesting period for millions by offering users rewards for watching game streams.”

DLive’s CEO Charles Wayn also echoed similar sentiments CEO, saying:

At DLive, we also want to play our part in helping to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and contain it. Stay indoors, and watch your favorite streamers on the DLive platform to earn rewards. Let us have some fun by enjoying some good live-streaming content on DLive.”

It is widely known that the Tron network has had a busy 2020. Recall from an earlier report on February 15, about Justin Sun’s-led takeover of the Steemit Blockchain amid a push for a decentralized social media.

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