Tron News Today – Headlines for April 2

  • Tron finally hits 5 million users
  • It took 645 days for Tron to reach this milestone
  • 20 million users could move from Steem to Tron

Tron News Today –  Popular Blockchain network Tron has achieved yet another milestone. The network announced recently that it has finally hit the 5 million user bracket. The announcement came via a statement from the Tron Foundation. However, since the announcement was made on April Fool’s day, the situation has created some form of confusion in the digital currency space. Many members of the community doubt the authenticity of the report. We can only see how things develop in the next few days.

Tron Took 645 Days to Reach 5 Million Users

According to an announcement given by Tron’s founder and CEO Justin Sun, the Blockchain network has officially hit the 5 million users milestone on April 1. Sun reported that it took 645 days for Tron to achieve this new milestone. He posted a picture displaying some crucial stats about Tron to confirm the authenticity of the network’s latest achievement.

Tron currently has 842 nodes and a total of 5,005,857 account numbers. While the network’s transaction volume has fluctuated within 1.4million, Sun still forecasted that he is hoping that the total number of users would reach the 50 million mark in the future.

Tron Continues to Sign Partnerships and Carryout Upgrades

Tron is one of the top Blockchain protocols in the crypto space with a broad userbase in the world. The platform reportedly aims to create an ecosystem for dApp development and the promotion of Blockchain solutions. The decision to acquire BitTorrent two years ago has seen Tron become a top-gun in the p-2-p file transfer space. Also, the recent acquisition of Steem is yet another great way to expand the Tron ecosystem.

Even though Tron’s acquisition of Steem came without opposition, Sun still had to wrestle control of the platform with the network’s existing developers. However, Sun said he meant good for the platform. The Tron chief said he has initiated plans to integrate new features into Steem. Following the acquisition, it is expected that 20 million users could be moved from Steem to Tron. This is going to be a big development for the Tron network. When it comes to position in the market, the digital asset has witnessed a few setbacks recently.

After rising into the top 10 most important cryptocurrencies in the space, Tron has now dropped to the 16th largest crypto by market cap. When this content was published, the price of TRX was trading at  $0.011482. It traded in the red zone in the past 24 hours.

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