Tron News Today – Headlines for April 10

  • DappReview’s report shows strong redistribution of dApp market
  • EOS and TRON have recorded a decline users and transaction volume
  • The growth rate increased by 778% higher when compared to Q1 of 2019

Tron News Today – the market for dApps (decentralized applications) on the Ethereum, Tron, and EOS networks has increased strongly in several areas. However, Ethereum remains the number one market place for dApps.

Per the report, given by DappReview, the global transaction volume of dApps has increased by a whopping 82.2% to reach $7.9 billion. This is a huge increase when compared to the figures reported on Q1 of 2019, of 13 Blockchains. In 2019, casino dApps reportedly enjoyed an increase in popularity. However, when it comes to transaction volume, there was a decrease of 64.4%.

Additionally, the overall number of active addresses that were proactively used dApps dropped by 22.1%. In Q1 of this year, 254 new dApps were published overall. This development represents a drop of 60% when compared to what was posted in Q1 of 2019.

Ethereum is Still King of the dApp Market

Overall, the digital currencies mentioned above ETH, Tron, and EOS account for about 99.1% of the transaction volume. Ethereum’s dApps has a total transaction volume of $5.64 billion in Q1 of this year. This is a 652% increase in Q1 of 2020 (at $743 million). The biggest growth was seen in the DeFi market.

The market’s total transaction volume rose by 778% this year compared to Q1 of 2019. March 12 was the most important day in Q1 of 2020 when DeFi dApps posted a historic high point of $326 million. dYdX and MakerDAO accounted for the biggest share. The overall transaction volume of these financial apps reached $2.95 billion, with a growth level of 1,743%. When it comes to active addresses, Ethereum leads the way an average number of Daily Active Addresses of 16,763 in Q1 2020. This represents a 55.86% increase.

TRON Transaction volume down from the previous year

The overall transaction volume of dApps on the Tron network in Q1 of this year was $411 million, which represents a 73.8% drop compared to the past year (Q1 of 2019, at $1.57 billion). Last year, casino dApps increased in a daily transaction volume. It recorded $82 million in March of 2019.

Currently, casino dApp transaction volume remains stable at $4.57 million. Additionally, casino dApps are exclusively responsible for the overall transaction volume having posted a total volume of 92.1%. Tron dApps has a total number of active addresses in Q1 of 2020 of 237,000 with an average DAA of 25,000. This means a decrease of 39.48% from last year.

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