Trezor Model T Is Fully Integrated Into the Official Monero Client

The wait is finally over: we’re delighted to announce that after additional bug fixing by the core Monero community, Trezor Model T is now integrated and fully functional with both Monero GUI and the CLI wallet. The latest Monero client release is now available in Monero’s download section. In addition to this, you can also use Monero to buy a Trezor directly from the Trezor Shop.

Since its beginning in 2013, SatoshiLabs has been an open-source company, and we have always encouraged developers and the wider community to participate in building on top of the Trezor code. We believe that community-led development, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies, is the right way to go. The developers of the respective cryptocurrencies know the technology better than us, after all.

With this in mind, we decided to set a bounty in late 2017 available for anyone capable of fully integrating Trezor into Monero client.

Monero as a successful community-driven project

Last year Monero celebrated its fifth birthday, and it is clear that it has found its community and continues to thrive. Monero has a vision of creating the first fully fungible cryptocurrency providing absolute privacy to every user. We want the Monero community to continue to grow and improve, and Trezor integration makes it easier than ever before for newcomers to enjoy all the perks Monero offers.

Trezor integration into Monero

It was in late 2017 when our CEO, Marek “Slush” Palatinus, met Dušan Klinec for the first time. With the ultimate goal of making Monero available for the general public, our team discussed with Dušan the possibility of full integration. The main goal of integration was to protect the functionality of all Monero features, especially Monero’s state-of-the-art cryptography elements and privacy features.

“Trezor is integrated in Monero client and not vice versa to preserve all its advantages and privacy features.”

The full Monero roadmap of Dušan’s work is available on Github. After Dušan finished he turned it over to us for review. The Trezor development team, namely Tomáš Sušánka, Jan Pochyla, and Ondřej Vejpustek dug deep into the code, and spent over 2 months reviewing and modifying the whole integration. When our team finished their part of the integration, we have forwarded our work to the Monero team, and now the wait is finally over.

You can even use Monero to buy Trezor
Thanks to our payment processor for cryptocurrencies, GloBee, you can pay in the Trezor Shop with even more cryptocurrencies than before. Monero is available as a payment for all products available in Trezor Shop. For a full list of supported payments, including Bitcoin Lightning Network, visit the GloBee website.

We would like to thank everyone from the community and our team who contributed to integrating Trezor into Monero client, once again proving that community driven open-source projects are the best way to achieve visible and transparent progress of the cryptocurrency ecosystems.

The full guide on how to set up and use Trezor within Monero client is available on Trezor Wiki page dedicated to Monero.

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