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She’s here!!!!!!!

Kierstyn Michaela Paine.

Born 4-24-2020 in a very quick, unmedicated labor — the doctor and nurses almost didn’t make it to the room for the delivery.

7 lbs. 10 oz.

20 inches long. (She looks so big to us since we’ve gotten used to caring for Champ these past 4 weeks and he’s smaller than her!)

Daddy has had your first name picked out for years (it means “follower of Christ”). Your sisters wanted to make sure you had a K name with a unique spelling to continue on the Paine girl tradition.

Mommy picked out your middle name, because you are our miracle child. The baby the doctors said would never be conceived. The child we hoped for for many, many years. Truly, as your middle name means, “Who is like God?”

You are more loved, wanted, and waited for than you can even imagine. Welcome to our crazy, loud, adventurous, never boring family. 

My favorite 5!

I’m going to say right now that I’m pretty sure all the Red Raspberry Leaf tea, Evening Primrose Oil, and dates worked amazingly well considering my body started showing signs that labor was imminent at 38 weeks (I usually always go to 41-42 weeks!), the labor and delivery went so smoothly (I was only in hard labor for 2 hours!), and even though she had shoulder dystocia and pushing her out required my most Herculean effort ever (I’m thankful for an amazing doctor who had me flip over and maneuver my body while Kierstyn was halfway out in order to dislodge her arm!), I didn’t tear at all.

My recovery has gone so well and I can’t believe how great I feel. (But I promise I will take it very easy, even if I do feel so well!) I’m so grateful!

And thank you for ALL your prayers, support, and excitement!

P.S. For more photos, videos, and details on the birth, check out my Instagram Stories.

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