Tezos Could Use Alternative Blockchain For Trading Card Game

Tezos could use another blockchain for the upcoming trading card game by Kathleen Breitman who is the co-founder of the company. Breitman told the Tezos community that her game could use an alternative blockchain rather than the Tezos one as we are reading in the tezos news below.

What is also interesting is that the other co-founder of Tezos Arthur Breitman is not a part of the Tezos Technical Committee anymore, which was a piece of news that caught the attention of the entire community. As per the co-founder, Tezos could use an alternative blockchain for the upcoming blockchain-based trading card game despite the whitepaper of the game citing the use of the tezos native cryptocurrency. Breitman hasn’t decided yet for the platform for the game which means Tezos could use another blockchain for the purpose.

Kathleen and her partner Breitman built the Tezos blockchain but it seems that she will not give up on the upcoming card game Emergents to the smart contract platform. Emergents as announced back in March and was described as a blockchain-based competitor for card games such as Magic and Hearthstone. The payments in the game were reported to be made in the Tezos native cryptocurrency XTZ. Now, this seems not to be the case as she said that she hasn’t decided on the platform for Emergents yet:

 “I haven’t decided on the platform for Emergents. The alpha doesn’t have a marketplace, it’s an alpha. The white paper doesn’t describe any feature that could not be satisfied with any other smart contract platform. I have an obligation to my investors to pick a platform with certain properties, and I am not bound to Tezos.”

The news comes during multiple other developments within the community. The primary was that Arthur Breitman left the platform’s Technical Advisory Committee and stated that he ‘’bowed out from his already minimal activities after receiving veiled threats.’’ Both announcements made the community assume that due to the close connection between the platform and Emergents, the game will be built on the XTZ blockchain as well as according to the whitepaper. Another user wrote to Kathleen saying that she had a few other opportunities to state that the game will not be built on Tezos and finding out now is considered a slap to the face of the community.

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