(SPAIN) Should I ask my US employer to send me money directly to an account in euros or dollars? What online account would be best to store it? : eupersonalfinance

Hi everyone!

So I get paid by an American company in USD but I live in Spain so I spend euros here. I’ve been wondering if I should ask my employer to send dollars to my borderless Transferwise account and then just convert them to euros when needed or ask that they send money already converted to my euro account?

Another question is what online account to use. I currently have the Transferwise borderless account and I think it’s pretty good but I’m not sure if it can be trusted with bigger amounts since, if I’m not wrong, it’s not technically a bank. I also opened an account with N26, which I believe is a bank, but I don’t think it’s possible to store USD there.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I’d love to hear your thoughts, thank you 🙂

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