Sapphire Studios Airdrop Review – You Will get 500 GXB Tokens.

About Sapphire Studios Airdrop

Sapphire Studios Airdrop is trying to build games with an economic impact. GoldBar created by Sapphire Studios was built on the Apollo Blockchain as a Gold-backed cryptocurrency that allows players to build a real-world net worth within a game. GoldBar is not distributed like traditional Cryptocurrencies. It is mined through a real-time strategy multiplayer game called, Gold Inc.

Basic Details
Token Name Sapphire Studios Airdrop
Platform Apollo
Value $17.5 + ref
Token per Claim 500 GXB
KYC KYC Is Not requirement
Whitepaper Click Here To View
Max. Participants Unlimited
Collect Airdrop Click Here To Collect Free Airdrop

First Step

Visit the Sapphire Studios airdrop form.

Second step

Follow them on Twitter.

Third Step

Like their Facebook page.

Fourth Step

Follow them on Instagram.

Fifth Step

Join the referral program and invite three friends. For more information, see this thread.

Six Step

You will get 500 GXB tokens.

Seven Step

Also, get 12 GXB for each referral up to a maximum of  12 referrals.

Game Studio

Our mission at Sapphire Studios is to build games with an economic impact. With our flagship gaming project—Gold Inc.—players will be able to mine gold and redeem it for GoldBar, our gold-backed cryptocurrency.

Games With Economic

Gold Bar, one of the first stable coins that not only maintains a constant value but grows in value as time goes on. GoldBar brings all of the best aspects of cryptocurrency into a single secured coin. Gold Bar is not distributed like a traditional stable coin. It is mined through a real-time strategy multiplayer game called, Gold Inc. 

We Appreciate Your Voting . That’s the only way we can improve.

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