Ripple’s Xpring Branch Announces New Version 1.5.0 For XRP Ledger

Ripple’s Xpring branch announces the latest release of the 1.5.0 and 1.6.0 versions of the XRP ledger and next week, the first one will be deployed on the XRP ledger testnet so let’s read more about it in the following ripple news.

Ripple’s Xpring branch, the commercial arm announced the release of two new versions for the XRP ledger and according to it, both of these versions of the ledger will have new improvements and features which will be improving the services for the users. The versions were developed by the Ledger Devnet branch sponsored by Xpring. In the first version, XRP ledger 1.5.0 will include support for the API and API versioning, UNL propagation with a peer network, delivery method adjustment, packet building also improved, and other major bug fixes. The release also said that:

‘’On Wednesday, 2020-04-15, rippled version 1.5.0 will be deployed on the XRP Ledger Testnet, which is also hosted by the Xpring team at Ripple, to give developers an environment for testing their applications with faux XRP that mirrors the latest stable version running on XRP Ledger Mainnet.’’

The day when the Xpring team will start updating the version of the XRP ledger mainnet servers will also include the validators that will be upgraded to the 1.5.0 version. After the upgrade, Xpring will vote to approve some new features to the ledger and the decentralized network. this will be possible through the amendment system and the team made the following recommendation to the operators:

‘’We encourage rippled server operators to review the proposed upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0, learn more about the Amendments above, and upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0 by Wednesday 2020-04-29 in order to ensure service continuity.’’

About the beta phase of the XRP ledger version 1.6.0, it was understood that the XRP ledger devnet was updated and allowed the developers to have more access to the update. With the updates, Ripple’s Head of Global Operations and Partnerships Emi Yoshikawa explained some more about the developments during the COVID-19 invoked crisis:

‘’Even in this kind of environment, XRP Ledger continues to work hard every day, settling about 20k ledgers a day, and keeps evolving through a version upgrade!’’

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