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Relictum Pro is the development of a safe, high-performance ecosystem of decentralized applications (smart contracts) created both by RELICTUM PRO and dynamic ones – developed by the community to ensure transparent and free work within different areas of the economy of the state, enterprise or public service.

Blockchain is a chain of blocks, Relictum Pro is a system of event formalization having dynamic blocks in addition to the chains of blocks themselves. This greatly expands the possibilities and brings to another level of the mathematical apparatus, and allows you to create not only one-dimensional models of chains, but two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and even four-dimensional models of event formalization.

Token Basic Information


The bitcoin block size is 8000 times bigger than our block size

It is not advisable to accommodate all transactions that cannot be placed in a single block in a single block. This leads to a decrease in the speed of data processing, a decrease in the speed of data transfer, as well as a decrease in the speed of searching for the necessary information.

Principle of operation

One node connects to several and in parts downloads data from other nodes. Thus, the download speed was close to the maximum value of the network card and the speed of a provider.

The disadvantage of P2P

Today, it does not allow to work with a large number of nodes. Having a large number of nodes, P2P network starts working with segments. Until one segment closes, the second does not unfold. Segmentation constantly occurs and from different sides, the segments start overlapping, the transaction confirmation time by all nodes increases, this affects the speed of distribution and the time of data transfer.

The problem of key loss

A private key and a public key. After signing a transaction with a private key, a public key is needed to verify and authenticate the signed transaction.


Networking is the first distinctive mechanism

The existing network organization of modern blockchains is peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Relictum Pro blockchain platform uses a unique protocol based on the TCP/IP protocol, in which a virtual communication channel with each node is formed over Internet. The advantages of this network are its reliable stability and isolation from general segment of the Internet. In this virtual channel, only Relictum Pro information is transmitted, which increases the data transfer speed several times.

Proof of Tsar organization mechanism

There is a network regeneration every 0.5 sec (reconnection of all nodes), like the regeneration of computer RAM, led by one main node – “Tsar” and “Generals” standing under it, they collect transactions and transfer them to “Tsar” for processing. After that, “Tsar” gives blocks to “Generals,” and they distribute them further to everyone in the chain. “Tsar” and “Generals” are automatically selected and constantly changing.

Solved the problem of ambiguity

Estimates show that the probability of a block hash collision may occur in 100 years, But this collision can only be with the hash that was 100 years ago, which makes it irrelevant. This is achieved thanks to the continuous numbering of each Master-block unit.

If the connection with the node is disconnected, the node goes into the sleep-mode (mode 4). When a connection is established with a node, the node passes the integrity check, checks the relevance of the blocks, and begins loading of the missing blocks. After that, the node goes into a network connection mode.

Block organization is the second distinctive mechanism

It is not advisable to accommodate all transactions that cannot be placed in one block in one block. This leads to a decrease in the speed of data transmission, as well as a decrease in the speed of searching for the necessary information.


Master node

All blocks are stored

Light node

Blocks are stored only for a certain period of time

Private node

Only blocks of own transactions of this node are stored. Topical for working on smartphones and weak gadgets

Sleep node

The mode of attempting to connect to the network, occurs either when the network is broken or at first start

Sky node

Created automatically when a user registers via a web page. Further work is also carried out through the web page

Token Distribution

50% Early investors
9% Marketing expences
38% Team
3% Advisors and experts

Internal opportunities

Relictum Pro allows you to confirm transactions within the network of current cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Transaction confirmations happen instantly. Even if Bitcoin has not reach the owner, a user can already immediately dispose of it.

The possibility to integrate third-party accounting systems, and documentation into the Relictum Pro platform.

External features of Relictum Pro

Relictum Pro ensures operation with not only SDK and API protocols, but also with own protocol of blockchain-platform at a low level – the socket protocol: high degree of protection, speed.

It uses its own data transfer methods that can transfer not only information, but also blocks, bytes, and entire files for external consumers. Can be used to organize external storage.

Hashing mechanism

Relictum Pro is a supplemented modification of SHA1-based hashing mathematics. The main advantage of it is in converting from 20 bytes to 32 bytes (in your own hash). This gives a high crypto-stability, including from a promising quantum computer.

Relictum Pro is a blockchain

Relictum Pro is a blockchain of the latest generation, Blockchain 5.0, which has all the necessary fundamental and sufficient conditions to ensure the work of the fourth generation of blockchain.

Relictum Pro is a stable сoin

Relict Coin is the coin that is not subject to external economic and political influences, it is based on the complex mathematical algorithm that excludes coin inflation.

Major features of Relictum Pro

  • Smart contracts are used to formalize any type of activity where an event occurs
  • Smart contract independently monitors whether some particular terms of the contract were fully implemented. At the same time, thanks to the Relictum Pro system itself, the code is absolutely protected from any third-party intervention
  • That is, no attacker can change the source code of a smart contract between two (or more) nodes
  • It is an opportunity to conduct operations with different types of smart contracts
  • Possibility to generate new smart contracts with new type-properties or property-types
  • In our system, a smart contract can be concluded at the same time between 10 contractors
  • The weight (size) of a single block in Relictum Pro is about 120 bytes, which is 8000 times less, compared to, for example, Bitcoin

Relic radiation

Relic radiation is a background microwave radiation the same in all directions and having a spectrum typical for an absolutely black body at a temperature of ~2.7 K. Despite the constancy of the background radiation, it exhibits inhomogeneous fluctuations (vibrations). However all these fluctuations do not affect the final constancy of the background radiation.

GTN token

Genesis tokens are tokens expressing the intellectual property (IP) rights of the Relictum Pro software code, issued in the amount of 10,000,000,000 GTN. Genesis Token is distributed in the course of the corresponding ICO or IEO rounds among early investors who believed in the mathematically sound concept of Relictum Pro.

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