Release Aims to Transform Agriculture & Fisheries Logistics Via its Blockchain Platform

As various industries and organizations are leveraging blockchain technology to change their infrastructure and to make improvements, a blockchain-enabled social commerce platform known as Release is planning on changing world’s Agriculture and Fisheries Logistics with the blockchain solution. As per the announcement made on July 12, 2020, Release claims that its blockchain platform has the capability to transform the industries of agriculture and fisheries.

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Release creates a social commerce architecture

The blockchain platform thinks that both fishery and agriculture industries are facing certain challenges and issues of price fairness and logical efficiency in the sector of e-commerce which need to be addressed. If these issues are solved then both these industries can globally scale with the help of potential they possess.

To solve these issues of the industries which are halting their growth and development, the blockchain-powered platform Release has created a social commerce architecture. This architecture is set to help the platform transform the global logistics of the fisheries and agricultural industries.


While explaining their view furthermore, Release said:

Sellers will be able to decide on the spot prices of freshly picked vegetables, fruits, fishes, shellfishes, etc. while selling to a general buyer. This can potentially solve the major concerns in this industry and optimize it massively – for the benefit of both buyers as well as sellers.

Moreover, Release said that another factor that can widen the scope of fishery and agriculture in the sector of e-commerce is the elimination of the role of a middleman and claimed that its blockchain-enabled social commerce platform will do this job for both of these industries to strengthen their scope in this sector.

Release is entirely focused on providing a decentralized and distributed social commerce platform by combining e-commerce and social media in one place. In order to make its social commerce platform more robust and secure, it has exploited various cutting-edge techs such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Release also has a native cryptocurrency known as REL which can be exchanged with various other cryptocurrencies supported on the exchange.

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