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About Recycle for life

Recycle for life is a California Department of Toxic Substance Control Registered Universal E-waste Handler. RFL is involved in the transportation of all e-waste to environmental protection agency certified Facilities. Recycle for Life started operations as a company in January of 2010. It was created as a nationwide ink and toner cartridge recycling company.

Recycle for life has collected over 500,000 ink and toner cartridges in the first year of its existence. In march 2012, Recycle for Life transitioned to the business of commercial e-waste logistics as an e-waste handler in Southern California.

Token Basic Information


Recycle for life mission is securing green, safe environment through provision of e-waste management services. We aim to create massive e-waste recycling awareness across the country through a blockchain based token reward system.

What in e-waste?

Electronic devices are made of very complex mix of materials that include gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, lithium, cobalt and other metals. The U.S Environment Protection Agency notes that one metric ton of circuit boards can contain 40 to 800 times the amount of gold and 30 to 40 times the amount of copper mined from one metric ton of ore in the United States. These precious metals can be reclaimed through a recycling process.

But on the other hand, electronic devices also comprise toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, polluting PVC, plastic and hazardous chemicals such as brominated flame retardants which can harm human health and the environment.

The state of e-waste recycling worldwide and USA

Recycling e-waste is practiced both formally and informally. Proper or formal e-waste recycling usually involves disassembling then electronics, separating and categorizing contents by material and cleaning them. The US Environmental protection agency works bilaterally with governments and environmental officials around the world on e-waste management.

The US EPA and Taiwan Environmental protection Administration coordinate the International E-waste Management Network which works to bring together environmental officials from all over the world so as to exchange best practices on e-waste management since 2011. These are some of the crucial solutions being sought to address this growing menace of e-waste management in the world including the USA.


Encourages hazardous working conditions

Despite efforts to avert such practices, many of our outdated electronics end up in developing nations, where legislation around e-waste is lax or even nonexistent. in this case, workers sort through the products by hand or use crude processing methods to recover the desired components- a highly toxic endeavor. In a recent study by the Basel Action Network, in which GPS trackers were put on items of e-waste and then donated or brought to recycling centers, found that 40% of the items delivered to US recyclers were exported. 93 % of which went to developing nations.

Endangers the environment

Toxic components in e-waste not only pose risks to workers in developing nations, but they also pose risks to the environment, where e-waste is either improperly handled or disposed of, there is a risk of soil and groundwater, containing these valuable resources.

Recycle for life Solutions

It is quickly to see why e-waste is quickly becoming topic of discussion around sustainability. More than ever, a solution to these growing mountains of e-waste is needed. Many pinpointed improved legislation, advancement in recycling program for resolving the electronic waste crisis. Some companies have already jumped on the bandwagon towards finding recycling methods. Many organizations have been formed toward finding better and sustainable recycling methods.

Recycle for Life is one of many organizations in USA that has been focusing on e-waste management and recycling. The company being a professional e-waste handler, intends to use blockchain technology in order to encourage efficient e-waste disposal and recycling. RFL intends to introduce a system of rewards, bonus inform of cryptocurrency tokens for the disposal and recycling of e-waste and hazardous metals. The RFL coin system will be a method of providing the public with an incentive to recycle waste aimed at electronic waste and metals. RFL will leverage on a blockchain based system to allow for generation of tokens for rewarding those that have proven of recycling and disposing electronic waste safely.

Successful blockchain use cases in waste recycling

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank is a Canadian based company dedicated to diminish plastic waste in the world. They are already successfully operating in Peru, Colombia, the Philippines, Haiti and other developing countries. The plastic bank has built a digital platform for recycling Ocean plastic using blockchain Hyperledger. It leverages on blockchain, Hyperledger and Linux to incentivize the collection and recycling of plastic before it is thrown away into the ocean. Using the secure blockchain technology, recyclers can exchange plastic for cash, items and services.

French Rail

This company utilizes blockchain technology to record the activity of all the small recycling stations they have within their networks, right down to the names of the waste managers who have collected it from the stations.

Recycle for life Blockchain Solution

The greatest inventions sometimes weren’t intended for their current purposes and this also applies for the blockchain technology. Since it is tied to digital fiat cryptocurrency, blockchain has shown that it is versatility in terms of applications can be used in the e-waste problem. Blockchain can help improve the recycling part. Recycle for life system will be a reward system for recyclers of e-waste. We have noted that the current recycling management is prone to cheating and manipulation.

Therefore, Recycle for life system through the ethereum blockchain network, we will give tokens for anyone who shows a prove of recycling e-waste. The system based on blockchain will distribute tokens to colleges that sign up for our newsletter, and Recycling Awareness Association. We will distribute 20-100 tokens for a sign up with 5 emails with others that show an interest in E-waste recycling. Also, will list the colleges that receive our tokens on our Recycle for life website as RAA members.

Recycle for life Ecosystem and Tokens

Basically, Recycle for life ecosystems are an incentive-based system whereby we seek to distribute tokens for colleges that subscribe to our newsletter, users who forward to at least 5 emails where each would get between 20 to 100 ERC 20 tokens. Our newsletter will periodically educate and inform our subscribers on E-waste problem, how to handle properly and all related information regarding e-waste. Also, we will be seeking E-waste handlers, processors to reward them with our tokens if they produce a receipt showing that they have recycled their E-waste. Another target for our tokens will be those that join the Recycling Awareness Association. This is nationwide network which seeks to increase awareness regarding E-waste and metals recycling.

The Tokens will be listed in major cryptocurrency exchanges. This will enable recipients of our tokens to be able to convert them for cash in all the cryptocurrency exchanges where Recycle for life will list these tokens. In addition, the company will be able to buy back the tokens for users that have them. Those with the tokens will also be able to convert them to other gift items.

Initial Coin Offering

Recycle for life goal is to carry out an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

  • Fundraising for further work on the development of E-waste recycling and awareness in Recycle for life communities.
  • Attracting attention of potential investors and citizens about the existing problem of Electronic waste and toxic metals.
  • The ICO will be issued on the ethereum blockchain network. the tokens will be ERC 20 tokens hence will be compatible with all wallets that can receive ether cryptocurrency.

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