Question of the Day: For each of these mobile apps, indicate whether they have been positively or negatively impacted by the coronavirus

  • Health and Fitness Apps
  • Travel app downloads
  • Grocery delivery apps
  • Music app downloads


  • Health and Fitness Apps: Positive
  • Travel app downloads: Negative
  • Grocery delivery apps: Positive
  • Music app downloads: Slightly negative


  • What apps have you recently downloaded while you and your family have been “sheltering in place?”
  • What apps are you using more frequently?
  • Do you think the increased popularity of these apps will continue after the coronavirus has passed? 
  • What other apps do you think have done well in the past few weeks? 

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Behind the numbers (Morning Brew; love their daily newsletter which you can sign up for here)


  • Some grocery delivery apps, including Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt, hit record downloads in mid-March, per Apptopia.
  • Business conference apps had their biggest download week ever March 14–21.
  • Health and fitness apps saw a surge in downloads.


  • Travel app downloads dipped 31% in March.
  • Music app downloads were also slightly down. Same with podcasts.
  • Ride-sharing app downloads have collapsed.


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