Position was terminated yesterday, declined a different job within the same company that pays more than 50% less. Is my unemployment safe? : personalfinance

Yesterday, I was let go from my job in sales/customer service that paid around $66k/year (give or take because I work off of commissions). The auto group controller told me that my job was a “luxury” and that the position no longer exists.

They then offered me a position in the office that pays $15/hr, no overtime, and no bonuses. The position they offered me was not even remotely similar to what I had been doing. It wasn’t even the same department.

I obviously declined their offer because I just can’t pay my bills on that. I’ve been furloughed since March 23rd, so I have been collecting unemployment benefits.

Anyway, after I declined, the controller told me that this was a return-to-work offer and that she would be reporting this to the Department of Labor. I told her that this was a completely different position, and I didn’t understand how this had any bearing on my unemployment benefits. She didn’t answer me, but I’m feeling a little threatened right now.

They can’t take my benefits away because I declined an offer for a completely different job, right? I just need to pay bills while I look for a new job.

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