Parents still owe 2/3 of mortgage 20 years later. Does this pass a sniff test? : personalfinance

As their son, I obviously know very little about the actual story. But here’s what I can gather.

Bought a house in 1999 for 108,000. Payments to Midland Mortgage have never been less than $1,100– currently $1,300. They currently owe $80,000. They’ve never been good with money, and have had issues in the past keeping up. Never foreclosed, but had to pay, at one point, a $10,000 penalty just to make up for how far they were behind. I’ve been told they’ve never gotten a refinance or home equity loan.

So, idk if this passes the sniff test on how bad a mortgage can get with poor payments? It seems a bit beyond just “you missed payments.”. They’ve likely payed twice the purchase price by now and still owe so much.

My dad said at one point a lawyer wouldn’t take it because it was “too long ago.”. But let’s be honest, there’s more to the story I’m sure. Was just wondering if people here see anything of note about this situation, legally. Since we’re talking about them moving in with me now…

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