Own ecosystem of services that allow you to store and

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Timvi is a financial and technological project that has its own ecosystem of services that allow you to store and earn money using the ecosystem’s own stablecoin called TMV. Today, we already know of multiple “stable coins” that are tied to the price of fiat currencies (e.g. USD, EUR) or commodities (e.g. gold, oil). According to coinmarketcap.com, the daily average volume of stablecoins is comparable to that of Bitcoin, and even exceeds it on some days.

To guarantee the consistency of collaterals, its accounts are regularly being audited. Unfortunately, in this case, only the “word of honor” of the auditor company can guarantee the availability of cryptocurrency resources. In the near foreseeable future, the situation will not change.

Token Basic Information

Collateral security mechanism and Timvi monetization

Recapitalization is a regulated procedure of increasing collateral of another person’s toxic TBox through “burning” of Timvi from the balance of the person initiating recapitalization. During this procedure, the deposit is spent and the value of withdrawn TMV on a toxic TBox decreases.

The person initiating the recapitalization indicates the amount of to-be-burnt TMV and receives their equivalent in ETH at the current internal exchange rate plus a reward (1 to 6%, 3% by default). The received sum in ETH and the system commission (0% to 3%) are subtracted from the deposit of the toxic TBox account.

Rate stabilizing mechanism during ETH price drops

  • During a sharp reduction in ETH prices, the system commission for recapitalization drops to 0. The person initiating recapitalization instantly receives up to 6% of transactional volume in ETH.
  • Exchange interventions are being held within received commission charges.

Services and instruments for users


The service allows to execute an exchange of ETH to TMV at the system’s internal exchange rate. The commission for the transaction is charged in Timvi in the amount from 0 to 10%. By default the commission equals 0,5%. The services advantage lies within the fact that the user receives TMV immediately without the need to think of the safety of his/her TBox collateral. It is more convenient than creating a new TBox if the goal is to receive stable coins.

The exchange procedure is executed in two steps:

  • Exchange request generation.
  • Matching (finding a counterpart) and the actual exchange.


Leverage is a service for receiving funds in ETH for collateral in the same currency. It is helpful for saving users’ time. This procedure is much faster than opening a new TBox which is followed by withdrawing and selling Timvi. The service also allows you to solve the liquidity problem at the beginning of work.

Timvi TBond

A TBond is a collateralized bi-currency debt-based interest-bearing bond of instant execution that can be recapitalized. There are two parties that take part in the bond circulation process:

  • the emitter, who pays the 0,5% commission from the obtained ETH
  • the holder, who receives an annual interest for using Timvi

Annual interest rate payout

The interest rate is set by the user who generates the TBond issue request. The rate can vary from 0 to 10%, depending on the number of TBonds issued through a TBox. The interest is calculated and paid out in the moment when the TBond expires. The system charges a commission, which is 10% by default (the commission can be adjusted). The TBond debt for the whole period is calculated at the moment when the deal is closed.

TBond or Leverage?

For the emitter, it is more profitable to take a loan by using leverage, as he/she needs to pay only a commission, and the loan has to expiration date. Besides, the user then keeps his/her TBox.

TBonds are more profitable for the holder, as he/she doesn’t pay the commission for the deal, receives an interest and may become the owner of the TBond’s TBox account in case the emitter doesn’t redeem the TBond on time.

Features of Timvi

No Fees

No fees for the issue, use and storage of your Timvi (TMV) stablecoin.


Each user can check the system data at any time. Timvi do not store fiat money in the accounts of legal entities that require audits.

Extra Financial Tools

Earn with convenient and understandable financial tools: bonds, leverage and the unique recapitalization mechanics.

Timvi Token

Timvi (TMV) is an ERC-20 token with a target price of $1. TBox is a blockchain-based account to which ETH funds for TMV emission are deposited. The emission of TMV is based on the internal exchange rate. Any user can create a TBox and become its owner. Any user can transfer ETH to their own or another person’s TBox. Users can also deposit TMV to any user’s TBox and burn them free of charge. The amount of deposited TMV can’t be bigger than the withdrawn amount.


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