Opinion about a site idea in the field of stocks : eupersonalfinance

I came to the conclusion of posting on Reddit and implicitly to this group because I want to share with you a site idea and possibly receive opinions and suggestions from you.

To explain more easily the problem that the site is trying to cover, I will take a real case:

For example, a person with average knowledge in financial education has an account opened with a broker and $ 10k that he wants to invest. He is looking for a company that he finds more attractive (by name, by news or by field of work), and then it will need to analyze some existing information in the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statements to reach the conclusion, to invest or not.

Given that this person has average knowledge in financial education, probably, will not know how to interpret all that data, and come to a good conclusion for his investment.

In parallel, they could access a site like https://stockanalysis.com/ , but as far as I can see, all this information is thrown on the page, without giving them a specific meaning.

The solution I was thinking of is to create a site that offers more utilities (depending on how much money you pay), for example:

The first option can be accessed for free an analysis performed automatically on the 3 documents balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statements. This analysis will generate a document in which each term will be analyzed, explaining their role in the development of the company and drawing a conclusion (buy or not) depending on certain existing values;

Another option (for a fee) will be to perform a complex analysis of the company of interest of the person who wants to invest;

And the last option would be to analyze the ML and to predict the price over a period of time.

Thank you for your time and for your opinions.

Have a nice day!

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