Oobit Hunter Skyscanner

The peer-to-peer trading site Oobit launches a new feature ‘Oobit Hunter’ that will act as a ‘Skyscanner’ for cryptocurrency, thus discovering suitable rates for selling and buying cryptocurrency in the crypto markets.


The platform is serving the crypto community in executing peer-to-peer trades since 2017. Now, they have added more features and expanded its reach more into the crypto space. These characteristics include liquidity hunter, smart KYC passport, card for instant liquidation, and functionality to buy Bitcoin with the bank card.

To accommodate in providing the best wallet services along with custodial functions, Oobit has partnered with the top cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The partnership between the two will help to open new potential gateways into the crypto world.

Oobit Hunter for Scanning Crypto Exchanges

The company’s ‘’Oobit Hunter’’ will scan the crypto exchanges and comes up with low prices for buying as Skyscanner does for flights’ prices. It will scan crypto markets effectively using Artificial Intelligence. As a result, traders will have a big opportunity to save their capital by finding deals at low prices.

The P2P trading site has also introduced ‘’Oobit Pass’’ which will allow users to go through detailed KYC process only one time. They can easily trade with integrated exchanges without passing through the KYC process.

Amran Adar, the co-founder of Oobit, said:

‘’Many of our users reached out to us with difficulties going through the KYC process with several exchanges. I believe that a lot of exchanges have failed the identification process, and as a result, this led to longer approval times and lost profits. This led us to develop Oobit Pass, which acts as a unified KYC passport gateway to exchanges.’’

‘’Through Oobit Pass, crypto traders only have to do KYC once to access any exchange that’s associated with us. This means that crypto traders can access multiple exchanges instantly and own their KYC data using Oobit’s unique technology,’’ Adar added.

Card for Instant Liquidation of Assets

The ‘’Oobit Pay’’ also rolled out to make transactions more seamless at a low cost enabling you to shop via cryptocurrency. This is ‘’Oobit ultimate card’’ for instant liquidity, and it is compatible with every ATM, thus readily cash is available at your doorstep.

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