Non-EU citizen entitled for German pension? : eupersonalfinance

Hi, i apologise for my lack of knowledge and would like to seek some clarification.

I am a non-EU citizen, planning to marry my German fiance. I intend to move and reside in Germany for the long-term and work there as well.

Just in case IF anything bad happens, such as divorce after 5, 10 years later etc, and I decide to move back to my home country, will I still be eligible for state pension when I reach retirement age even though I am back to my home country? My home country does not have any social security agreement or any kind of bilateral agreement with Germany.

Even though I have contributed to the pension for more than 5 years and decide to move back to my home country, I will not be eligible to receive the monthly german pension payment when I reach 67 years old? I feel that getting a “pension refund” or any of that sort is not enough and I really prefer to get a monthly payment instead when I reach pensionable age.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

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