No credit card, but somehow have a decent credit score. Very confused. : personalfinance

So I logged onto my bank account to view my regular checking and savings and I viewed the credit score tab for the first time and the credit score the app showed me is 751, which I understand is pretty good. I’m confused because I don’t have a credit card or have ever had one. I called my bank and asked about and the answers weren’t very helpful, I double checked which SSN they have on file and it is my SSN. They basically told me that the credit score should be accurate. I also checked it on Experion and according to them it’s 698. There’s no one else on my account or anyone that would have “build credit for me”. I’m just suuuper confused as to how I can have a decent score with no credit card, is it a mistake?? I’ve used afterpay to buy things online countless times and have always been diligent with payments, but their whole thing is they don’t affect credit. I’ve also used affirm and klarna, but I dont think that has an effect. Does anyone have answers??

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