New Ethereum 2.0 Multi Client Testnet “Altona” Released |


In a new milestone for Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin, the Altona network simulator has been rolled out. However, the main difference this time around is that it will be multi-client and four clients: Prysmatic Labs, Sigma Prime, Nimbus, and Pegasys, are involved. Depending on the success of this test network, there will be one more test network before the official launch of ETH 2.0, Beacon Chain mainnet.

Altona: A Multi-Faceted Simulator For Upcoming Beacon Chain Mainnet

A boost for the community and tangentially, for Ethereum price, Altona is closely being watched by the community.

Specifically, since Ethereum 2.0 will be multi-faceted introducing on-chain scaling through Sharding, and Proof of Stake, how these different clients will work together on a new blockchain will highlight how various clients—upon launch of the Beacon Chain, will join hands in enabling the rollout of a new approach to networking and consensus.

The Altona network is only the third of a series of test networks leading to the Beacon Chain. Ordinarily, a test network mimics the workings of the mainnet.

Since all clients are required for the success of the Beacon Chain, the fact that Ethereum introduced different clients in this test net represents progress and a confidence boost for ETH holders.

Altona Focuses on End-user Experience

Altona differs from Onyx—a single-client test network that replaced Topaz and which was launched by Prysmatic Labs, and comprise Prysm validators. The Schlesi genesis had 50 percent Prysm validators while the Witti test network had three clients.

Altona tops that by adding one more client. All test networks which preceded Altona are examples of ETH 2.0 Multinets all of which are based on the minimum ETH 2.0 specifications.

Uniquely, Altona is not a simulation but a persistent, end-user based on a slightly modified mainnet configuration. As such, everyone can add validators and Proof-of-Stake nodes ensuring protocol implementation across major ETH 2.0 implementations.

Altona goes on to prove that the network and its node is ready to support the mainnet Beacon Chain mainnet with the emphasis being on the end-user, not developers.

So far, there are 685 validators with 21,919 Staked ETH.

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