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About digital asset management and trading platform, established in November 2018, headquartered in Singapore, provides digital asset management and trading services to global customers. Currently there are 650,000 registered users, 230,000 loyal active users, and daily management funds of 16 million US dollars .

Through continuous efforts, MOMOEX has opened the operation of spot, over-the-counter, futures, and leveraged trading sectors, and provides external digital asset lending and wealth management services. Currently supports BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, BTS, DASH, ETC, EOS, LTC , TRX, XRP and other 43 mainstream currencies and more than 100 related tokens.

The core team comes from the international elite teams of Singapore, China, Australia and the United States. They have rich traditional financial and blockchain industry experience and related resources. They will use the industry’s overwhelming technological advantages to invest 100% Passion and energy to build a global digital asset management and trading center. 

MOMOEX’s business philosophy is ” safety and compliance, customer service, integrity and win-win, and return to society. ” The medium-term development goal is “to enter the global TOP10 trading platform on November 21, 2020.”

Operating Company 

How To  Start With

To Start Trading With Indian Residents First Have To Sign Up For An Account By Following The Steps Below.

Step 1. Click On The “Login/Signup” Link On The Top Right Hand Corner Of The Website.

Step 2. In The Form, Fill In Your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email ID And Password.

Step 3. If You Have A Referral Code, Enter The Code While Creating Your Account.

Step 4. Submit The Form And Wait For An Activation Email To Be Sent To You.

Step 5. Click On The “Confirm Email” Link In The Activation Email.

Step 6. After Your Account Is Activated, You’ll Be Sent A 6 Digit One Time Password (OTP), Which You Have To Enter After Logging Into Your Account.

Transaction rate

  • Ordinary users: 0.1% transaction fee. (Deduction of assets received)
  • If you have MM, you can check the platform currency as a fee button in the user center, which is used to deduct the fee for MM. The transaction fee is directly deducted from MM, and any currency transaction enjoys a 25% discount (temporary).
  • The transaction rate standard is determined according to your user level
   Level    Maker       Taker    Maker (MM deduction) Taker(MM deduction)
  general user   0.1000%      0.1000%       0.0750%    0.0750%
   VIP 1   0.0900%     0.1000%    0.0675%    0.0750%
   VIP 2   0.0800%     0.1000%    0.0600%    0.0750%
   VIP 3   0.0700%     0.0900%    0.0525%    0.0675%
   VIP 4   0.0600%   0.0800%    0.0450%    0.0600%
   VIP 5   0.0500%   0.0700%    0.0375%    0.0525%
   VIP 6   0.0400%   0.0600%    0.0300%    0.0450%
   VIP 7   0.0300%   0.0500%    0.0225%    0.0375%
   VIP 8   0.0200%   0.0400%    0.0150%    0.0300%

Recharge Rate & Withdrawal

  • Recharge: Free
  • Withdrawal: The withdrawal fee will be adjusted periodically according to the actual situation of the block.

MomoEx Digital Asset

MomoEx Digital Asset Management and Trading Center’s business philosophy is ‘safety compliance, customer service, integrity and win-win, return to society, to be the most trusted digital asset management and trading center in the world”, the medium-term development goal is “November 21, 2020 Day entered the global Top 10 trading platform’.

Mobile transactions Anytime, anywhere

Mobile transactions anytime, anywhere Over 300 top technical customer service staff24*365 high-efficiency operation technical service to ensure users smooth operation in real-time.

Why Chosse

User-led trading platform

Easy exchange of account assets, real-time overview of digital assets.

Easy asset conversion

Freely define transactions according to different trading habits.

Lightning trading experience

Provide different conversion options for diverse speed combination.

Account integration security settings

The same account comes with a variety of security confirmation settings.

We Appreciate Your Voting . That’s the only way we can improve.

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