Microsoft And Other Giant Multinational Companies Applied for 212 Blockchain Patents in China till March 2020

Blockchain Patents China

The latest report reveals that many global companies have filed 212 blockchain patents in 2020 so far. There is a great trend in filing blockchain patents in China as compared to other countries, including the USA.


List Include 35 Different Giant Companies

The Global Times reported that most of the multinational countries are filing blockchain patents, especially in China. According to the report, 35 different giant companies with a global network applied for a total of 212 patents untill March 2020. These multinational firms include Microsoft, Mastercard, Intel, Walmart, Sony, and many others.

Out of 212 applications filed, 46 patents are filed by Mastercard, and most of these are related to payment security, payment methods, and payment software. However, no one has started any business in the country.

Mastercard tops the list while Nokia, Intel, and Oracle are applied for 13, 12, and 9 patents respectively. All these companies are centered on blockchain technology and are paving the way to layout a final plan in the future.

‘’Nokia has applied for 13 patents, Intel 12 and Oracle 9, mostly centered on underlying blockchain technology. Some have said the reason behind the tech company applications is for technological accumulation,’’ the report reads.

At the end of November, it is reported that the National Intellectual Property Administration of China has given nearly ‘’2,191 blockchain patents between 2017 to 2019.’’

More Patents in China than in the US

The US-based companies are taking more interest to establish their business networks in China, and that’s why they are filing more patents in the country. On the contrary, Chinese firms are taking less interest in establishing businesses in the United States.

In the start of 2020, National Intellectual Property Administration redesigned its policies regarding awarding patents in particular fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other sectors related to tech.

However, many reputed companies based in the US have not yet filed any blockchain patent. These giant firms include Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Google.

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