Medical Bill for Ultrasound $1500

Earlier this year I moved across the country and started a new high deductible insurance. In August during an OBGYN visit the doctor sent me for ultrasound because of some symptoms I was having. I did this procedure in the past as well (PCOS), but in a different state with a different insurance so I didn’t pay much at all. So, knowing that I will be paying for it due to the high deductible, I didn’t think it would be too much. This bill came, separately from the hospital and the physician, totaling around $1,500. I got a phone call from the hospital today. The hospital’s bill is around $1,150 and they are offering a settlement of $900 or interest free payment over the course of 11 months. The savings are not that much but are still savings, but paying one-time is such a big amount and it made me so frustrated such simple thing can be this expensive. I have a lot of savings and can afford to pay in full, but wanted to seek other people’s thoughts since I’m not a native to the US and not familiar with how US system works. I want to buy a house next year so definitely don’t want to hurt my credit score, but can I negotiate the amount down further?

Not related to the post but just a vent, if we are not in a pandemic, I would be able to fly to my home country and get it done for less than $1,500 and I’d get to see my family back home. The medical system in the US is so screwed up.

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