Master the soft skill these Fortune 500 CEOs have in common

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Question: What do the Fortune 500 companies PepsiCo, Facebook, and Best Buy all have in common?

Answer: Each company has an executive leader who speaks more than one language.

It’s a soft skill with many benefits, and you can add it to your repertoire as well.

Multilingual Benefits

Being multilingual is a valuable skill in today’s global business world. It can come in especially handy on business trips abroad, as speaking in someone’s native tongue can create long-lasting working relationships. Expanding your vocabulary and environmental understanding outside of your native country will help you in surmounting any cultural barriers – issues that could lead to misunderstandings and lost revenue. And if those reasons are not enough, learning a new language is also beneficial to your cognitive health!

Technology to the Rescue

If your experience in high school Spanish class has you wary about learning a second language now, rest assured that technology has played a huge part in making language learning more accessible and effective today.

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Learning a new language can be intimidating, but Babbel’s bite-sized lessons make it easy to start with only 15 minutes of practice a day. Plus, you can utilize the app’s special features such as speech recognition to help you with your pronunciation, and personalized review sessions help track your progress.

The Babbel app syncs across all your devices and has lessons available for downloading for convenient on-the-go studying anytime, even if you’re not connected to the internet. You’ll see progress right away, and after just one month, you’ll be able to have basic conversations in any of the 14 languages available!

Right now, you can land a lifetime subscription to Babbel today for only $159, a whopping 60 per cent off the usual price.

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