Keep’s bitcoin (BTC) bridge with permissionless signing now open-source

Keep, a privacy layer for public blockchains, announced today it is now completely open-source, this makes tBTC the first and only BTC bridge with an open-source permissionless signing implementation.

Currently, tBTC is live on the Ropsten testnet, and opens up many more opportunities for people to earn through decentralized finance (DeFi) apps. Keep is a member of the Cross-Chain Group and one of the contributors to tBTC, which lets Bitcoin holders act on the Ethereum blockchain.

“At Keep, we are committed to open-sourcing as the best standard for transparency and security in DeFi. As part of that commitment, today we’re announcing that Keep is now fully open-sourced, including the code for the random beacon and ECDSA signing groups. It’s our hope that open-sourcing all of Keep will spur more people to build projects that can improve areas touching on finance and privacy. Today more than ever, we need innovative, collaborative solutions to build a better technological and economic future.”
– The Keep Network team

The following resources are now available to everyone on GitHub:

  • keep-core: the core code behind the Keep network.
  • keep-common: a set of common libraries and tools for Go projects on Ethereum, used across Keep repositories.
  • keep-ecdsa: which contains the on- and off-chain pieces of ECDSA keeps and Bonded ECDSA keeps for the Keep network. Keep ECSDA, which underlies the signers’ groups, builds on top of and requires the core system.
  • sortition-pools: a logarithmic data structure used to store the pool of eligible operators weighted by their stakes. Sortition pools allow for efficient use of the random beacon, and could open up several other use cases for other projects.

More Info:
Keep Network Whitepaper

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