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I’m a freshman in college looking for a way to start investing while I’m still young. I’m fairly new at this, and I want to manage my finances right.

First, what online broker do you recommend (I don’t have a TIN yet)? Second, I’ve seen people recommend mutual funds. Would that be better than just buying stocks from blue chip companies? Third, I’d like to earn money quicker too. I haven’t found good online work (believe me I tried), and starting a business isn’t for me. Any other suggestions?

Additional facts:

I have about 15k worth of savings, no stable income (but I can have extra money from saving more and from my scholarship). Ideally, my goal is capital preservation. I’d like to grow my money in the long run.

Please don’t recommend the “invest in yourself” bs. I already am. This is just for financial security. TYIA

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