Investing in ETFs with 30k in savings : eupersonalfinance

Hi, I’m a 26 y/o male from Central Europe, working a stable job and able to save ca. 1200 Euros per month, with additional 30k Euros already in savings (all cash). No family to support at the moment, no debt.

I’ve read quite a bit here and elsewhere, and the general consensus seems to be to just invest everything in a single all-world ETF. However, given current situation and my already present savings, I was wondering if I should:

  • Add an additional “all-world gov bond inflation linked” ETF to stabilize the portfolio a bit, while also making it inflation-proof? Was thinking 25% of portfolio.
  • Spread the equity ETF into 2 different options, to avoid “all eggs in one basket”?
  • Spread it into 3-4 different currencies? I know it’s said that it doesn’t matter over time, but we recently had instances where one currency changed its value permanently against others (CHF in 2015, GBP after Brexit). Was thinking 40% USD – 40% EUR – 20% CHF (I know it’s pretty random xd).
  • Invest it all as a lump sum, or divide it into 2 – 4 installments? Again, I know lump sum usually wins, but right know stability (at a cost of expected gain) should perhaps be chosen.

Thanks in advance for all inputs 🙂

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