I Was Kicked Out On Sunday With $8 In Savings. Im 20 and Dont Know What To Do. : personalfinance

My Family is emotionally abusive and I was planning on moving out but didnt expect it so abruptly and soon. Im currently sleeping at a friend’s couch and I am safe for now. I’m trying to file my taxes so I can ensure I get the stimulus check but till then I dont know what to do. I have 0 credit no debt and am currently two hours from any major town. There are little to no jobs and im just trying to land on my feet but I think this is the worst possible time to be on my own.

I was thinking of moving to a major city because there I would get more support for being homeless and more possibility of jobs, but I think everything is shut down regardless. I just got a job at a grocery chain and im trying to sell my gaming setup to maybe buy a tent so I can get to work for acouple weeks till I can make a deposit on a apartment from selling my gaming rig hopefully. Im a girl so im trying to avoid the streets but honestly dont know how this all will work out.

I’ll take any and all advice because im feeling hopeless and just want to get out of these rough times so I can go back to school in August and study for my lifetime dream. Im scared and dont know what to do.


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