I personally believe the way people with bad credit habits get treated is absolutely horrible. : personalfinance

I see nearly every post about people struggling with debt or clearly have a spending problem seeking advice here. I understand everyone here is pretty much an anonymous user and they are a not therapist, financial advisor or whatever but cmon.

People have made bad choices, they want to fix those choices but instead they are met with a ton of downvotes and told what they did was bad. Yeah, no shit! But where’s the advice they are asking for? Everyone just shat on them for about hour and then stopped responding.

Usually the solution people suggest is to work more. If they say they can’t, they once again get shit on. We don’t know their situation. Everyone just seems to assume that they work for 3 days a week and just go on a spending spree for the other 4. I recently discovered that there are undiagnosed mental condition that can lead to large amount of debt due to no self control or logical thinking. They could be caring for a family member. There are many reasons. Don’t be so damn harsh. You could be worsening the problem.

Anyways. That’s my rant. No need to respond or upvote, I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

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