I made a tool for personal financial planning and budgeting while being confined at home for 3 weeks due to the vrus. : eupersonalfinance

The app lets you input your budget or your planned expenses and earnings, then it shows you a forecast of your monthly cash balances for the next X years based on your input. Hence, it’s a very useful tool for personal budgeting and financial planning.

The app, which I aptly named Financire, is completely free and is available for the three major platforms: Web, iOS, and Android.

First of all, the idea for this app came directly from a spreadsheet I’ve made which I used quite often. However, I figured that Excel is not powerful enough to do everything I want such as the features enumerated in this post. So after the current pndemic forced me to recalibrate my personal financial plan, I decided to convert the spreadsheet into an app because I believe I’ll be using it more often due to the uncertainties presented by this vrus.

This app will be useful if:

  • You’re planning for major purchases
  • You’re on a tight budget
  • You’re concerned about your financial liquidity or solvency
  • You want to know what’s the earliest time you can afford a certain purchase

Productivity features that spreadsheets lack:

  • One-time expense/income vs. repeating (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Option to input multiple amounts for an item. This is useful if the item is variable (e.g., increasing salary, mortgage with downpayment, etc.)
  • Tags for easy filtering for grouping items (e.g. group expenses related to your car purchase)
  • Enable/disable item for comparing scenarios
  • Monthly and annual totals for each item to easily compare items (e.g. annual total of your daily food expense)

Thank you for reading this and I hope the app will be useful for everyone.

P.S. For those curious, the app is built using React, React Native, and Google Firebase.

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