How to Save Money With Meijer mPerks

Meijer founder Fred Meijer once said, “Customers don’t need us, we need them.”

It’s a mantra that’s still used by the Midwestern grocery chain, and it’s part of the reason the company offers its popular mPerks customer rewards program.

A free loyalty program, Meijer mPerks gives you rewards when you hit certain spending levels.

How to get Meijer mPerks

Sign up for the program online with your name, email, and a Zip code that’s within 50 miles of one of the chain’s locations. (Meijer has almost 250 grocery stores in the Midwest, primarily in Michigan but also in Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.)

After signing up, you’ll get access to the mPerks app, which shows you how to earn various rewards.

How Meijer mPerks works

Meijer mPerks is like a gamified version of couponing. Completing certain tasks, such as spending your first $100 with the loyalty program, helps you earn rewards (in that case, $2 off your next order). It’s easy, sort of fun, and offers tangible value for shoppers.

The loyalty program does most of the work for you. The mPerks website (and the app) display a number of money-saving tips for you, including the rewards you can earn and which products have a coupon. It can also show your receipt and how much money you’ve saved.

How to see your rewards

The first section of the website/app‘s “rewards” tab shows you the offers available to you. These vary but often involve spending a certain amount on one brand or category to earn dollars off on your next visit. You might also see buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers for things like fountain drinks or coffee and offers valid at the chain’s pharmacy.

You can track your progress toward earning each reward under the “in progress” tab and see which rewards you’ve already earned under — you guessed it — the “earned” tab.

How Meijer mPerks helps you coupon

The “coupons” section of the website or app offers a useful take on traditional coupon clipping. It lets you see which coupons Meijer has decided to give you. They can add up to significant savings, but to redeem them, you have to click the “clip” button before going to checkout.

This section is well-organized and easy-to-use. You can browse all your offers or skip to a section of products you’re interested in. You can also input any offer codes you’ve received in paper form, such as from the Meijer weekly ad.

What doesn’t mPerks do?

There are a few minor caveats with the rewards program. You can use each coupon only once. You’re also not allowed to get cash back, and coupons cannot be doubled or tripled. Meijer also notes that not all products are available in every store and “only” 160 coupons can be clipped at a time.

Should you get mPerks?

The Meijer mPerks loyalty program is easy to understand and fun to use. It’s not a straight discount program like Target’s Circle, but it offers meaningful deals and the ability to earn cash off your bill.

And lazy savers take note: Even if you don’t want to put any effort into saving on your groceries, the mPerks rewards program still works for you. Rewards accrue whether or not you aim to hit them — as long as you use your mPerks number (it’s in the app). Just shop and spend as you normally would, and you’ll eventually earn some rewards. Of course, if you look at your rewards offers, you might find that making small changes to your shopping cart (maybe buying one brand over another) could unlock some really good deals.

If you prefer to be more active about saving money while you shop at the store, you can use the rewards as targets, and coupons can unlock even more value. You don’t have to do a lot of work, but matching your shopping list to the available offers in both sections will almost certainly save you meaningful money.

Meijer’s mPerks offers a fun take on a loyalty program that’s not overly complicated. It provides a few different ways to save, and the store uses your shopping habits to target you with special offers that can save you even more. It takes very little effort to start earning with mPerks, and the benefits can be significant.

— By Daniel B. Kline

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