How to harness the benefits of creative writing while staying at home

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In an era where we are on our cellphones 24/7, it can be refreshing to sit down and write something longer than 280 characters (that’s the maximum length of a Tweet nowadays, btw).

It’s good for your brain and your mood. Research shows that writing about how you feel or what you think has legitimate therapeutic value.

Of course, writing can also have some major monetary value as well. Be it through blogging, copywriting or fiction, there are plenty of ways to turn your written words into a lucrative income stream.

Basically, there are plenty of advantages to knowing how to string words together.

Of course, writing can be daunting task if you’re not already used to it, but with The Ultimate Creative Writing Course Bundle, you’ll gain access to ten amazing courses by trusted professionals who can set you up for success for only $29.99.

Take the Freelance Writer Business Diploma Course or the Travel Blogging Diploma Course to turn your next trip into a side hustle. Or, if it’s writer’s block you’re struggling to deal with, you can learn how to finally put your thoughts to paper in the Novel Writing Diploma Course and even self-publish them with help from the Successful Self-Publishing Diploma Course.

Insiders know that hiring a traditional publisher might save the author some work, but paid royalties can be seven to 25 per cent per book sold. This self-publishing course shows you how to self-publish in order to keep total creative control and up to 70 per cent of the royalties of each book.

Happiness, leadership, and gratitude are other much-overlooked benefits that come with creative writing, as studies show that jotting down a handful of things you are grateful for can induce feelings of positivity and motivation.

With The Ultimate Creative Writing Course Bundle, you can harness these benefits and more as you sharpen your own writing skills, and it’s on sale for only $29.99 today.

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