H&M Group’s Fashion Brand COS Embraces VeChainThor Public Blockchain Technology

The famous clothing firm H&M group’s top fashion brand COS is adopting VeChainThor public blockchain technology to provide the most advance services and options to its customers. COS is basically a top high-end premium brand in the H&M group. COS will use the application of VeChain Toolchain to acquire and launch the use of VeChain software and hardware. Discovered by a community member, it has been revealed that COS was already making use of the VeChain Thor blockchain-powered traceability system DNV GL’s MyStory Product.


COS to leverage VeChain’s blockchain technology

COS will leverage the advantages of the distributed ledger technology of VeChain. It will use VeChain’s blockchain technology to improve and enhance the profile of its brand as it is a well-known top brand. Moreover, the DLT of VeChain will help this high-end premium brand in proving the authenticity of its raw materials i.e. purchased goods.

Currently, one of the major issues faced by businesses around the whole globe is sustainability. Modern and advanced tracking technologies such as blockchain tracking technology can help to overcome this issue. COS will utilize VeChain’s blockchain technology to demonstrate the sustainability of its raw materials and products with consumers. COS wants to provide sustainable products to its customers and with the help of VeChain’s DLT solutions, it is possible.

Unique product data and traceability information can be uploaded onto the VeChainThor Public blockchain with the help of DNV GL’s MyStory Product.

DNV GL’s MyStory Product and VeChain’s blockchain technology are very helpful for COS in communicating with consumers and promoting sustainability efforts in a good way. According to the report of Cream and Partners:

“By using MyStory and VeChain’s blockchain technology, COS was able to communicate clearly with customers and promote their sustainability efforts in an educating way. Customers who scan the QR or NFC tag using their smartphones will be able to view the entire traceability history of the product, complete with pictures and videos of the manufacturing process which involves various sustainable materials.”

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