GokuMarket Review – Is GokuMarket Scam or Legit?

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Read our GokuMarket review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this GokuMarket review before you sign up with the exchange.

GokuMarket Review

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When you become a part of the market, you have to be aware of what you are getting into. This field is not easy for those people who are beginners as you have a lot to catch up to. But when choosing an exchange, it is important to be careful because not all are like GokuMarket. This is a remarkable cryptocurrency exchange, and that is why I have written this GokuMarket review. Because those investors or others who are interested in the trading market have to know what a good exchange looks like and has to offer.

Just like there are problems and hurdles that you face in the real world, the online trading market also has many problems that the users can face. The biggest and most threatening issue of the trading market is the high risk of scams. In the beginning, the chances of being scammed were next to nothing. You can even say they were nearly non-existent. However, technology has developed a lot since then. This has given rise to a different type of scams and has empowered hackers unknowingly. Exchanges are a platform that connects a buyer and seller. It makes the process of transactions easier by also helping to convert cryptocurrencies into currencies that can be used in the real world.

One thing that has been recurrent is scammers posing as an exchange in order to win over customers and using them to get money out of them. This has been one of the riskiest features in the trading market and has caused an entirely new wave of trust issues. Users in this market are so wary of getting scammed that they doubt even the genuine platforms. This includes many exchanges that are very hard working, considerate of their customers, reliable, and trustworthy. Therefore, we can clearly observe that customers are not the only party affected, though they might be the major party to be affected. Exchanges and platforms such as GokuMarket have been affected severely, and this has led to quite a few losses too. These platforms are judged before they can even prove their worth.

If you are familiar with the market, then you must be aware that it is not easy to come by a cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot of unique services and features to offer its customers. Many exchanges only care about how much they can profit off customers and do not care that it affects the customer’s career. But with GokuMarket, you will be offered top-notch services and features that would be easily incorporated into your trading career and help you make a good amount of revenue. So to continue finding out what makes GokuMarket one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, continue reading.

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Background Information

Before you choose any cryptocurrency exchange, you have to know what the company is all about. Is it going to have the level of expertise you and your investment career require? Is the exchange progressive enough to be able to provide the latest tools? And you might have many more concerns or questions, but before you decide on an exchange, these concerns should be cleared. One way to do that is to read an exchange’s background so you can get an idea of whether it is authentic or not. I have summarized all there is to know about GokuMarket before you go into further details.

This is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in Hong Kong. It was first started out in 2019, which is quite late compared to other exchanges, but it has managed to become very reputable. The main markets that GokuMarket targets are Czech Republic, Norway, France, Sweden, Denmark, Thailand, Iceland, Japan, Ecuador, and Vietnam. This is a very wide range of countries, and that is a good point for customers because many people can participate. Do remember that GokuMarket is licensed only in Europe.

According to the recent reports, GokuMarket got a trading volume worth USD 30.8 million, and this was over the course of 24 hours. As an exchange and one that is relatively new, this trading volume is really good. Yet, the performance measured by the trading volume can also increase further.

When a user comes onto the GokuMarket site, it will be easy to recognize that this is an exchange that offers many different functions. These tools help the users in order to make better their trading strategies. One example of a tool is trading bots. These can be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at a time that will provide the user the highest level of benefit. Other features include cryptocurrency trading at an increased level, users also get the chance to stake, and many more. This means that GokuMarket is trying to give its users the chance to really benefit from the platform. They get the chance to explore many different features and implement them into trading as well. So let’s take a closer look at what makes GokuMarket a good site.

Top Features Of GokuMarket

In order to truly benefit when working with a cryptocurrency exchange, whichever platform you choose needs to be equipped with the best tools and features. There is no point in choosing an exchange that will not help you. So take a look at what factors you should need to keep in mind while picking a crypto exchange.

Accessibility On Mobile Devices

There are some traders that prefer using platforms through the desktop and think. This way, it is more convenient. Reasons for this can be that when you use a PC or a laptop, the screen is larger; therefore, the platform is spread out accordingly. This helps users to use the site in a very comfortable manner without feeling like space is clustered. Another thing about using such platforms on the desktop is that you can look at many important things at the same time. This means that within the screen size, users will be able to view major information quickly and simply.

Take an example of when customers are analyzing the trading charts. Sometimes it is so annoying and bothersome to have to keep adjusting the screen and the zoom-in level just so that you can take a look at the trading charts. But, when you access it through the desktop, then GokuMarket’s trading charts become very clear and easy to view.

But then there are other users who prefer using the application for mobile devices so that they can trade. The thing about mobile devices is that they are easily transportable. The size and weight of these make it very easy for people to carry them around. Customers that are usually multitasking or regularly travel find using the mobile application much more convenient. Because GokuMarket is a very concerned and thoughtful platform, it has always tried its best to accommodate each type of customer and their needs.

This is why it has catered to both types of customers, those who prefer using a desktop version and one that can easily use the mobile application. This is rare in the market as not many exchanges are interested in designing and developing a mobile app for customers. But GokuMarket has done so. The application which can be searched for by the name of GokuMarket is really good. This is a very compatible app, and it can be used with both IOS and Android phones. The interface for both types is really good as it has been carefully worked on. So as a customer, you will get the chance to choose which form of the site you want to use and when.

Trading View of GokuMarket

You may or may not have heard of the phrase trading view before. This is a section that every cryptocurrency exchange grants and shows on their site. In this section, customers can view the price ranges of various cryptocurrencies. This way, users are always aware, and even if they are not, the GokuMarket trading view is a very simple one. The information has been displayed very carefully so that you find ease in reading the prices. All the recent prices are listed there, and this helps keep customers up to date.

Another feature is the boxes for buy and sell. This helps to specify a place where users come and put the order they want. Both types of users, buyers, and sellers can come and use the boxes. This process simplifies trading cryptocurrencies. This way, customers do not have to wait a very long time either. Rather they just have to enter the cryptocurrency they are looking for and just finalize the order. Users also get the chance to view the history of whatever order they place. This means whichever cryptocurrency they are interested in buying. They will be able to see all the transactions affiliated with it previously.

But customers of GokuMarket are even luckier than the rest because this platform allows its customers to customize the trading view in whatever way they want. If you want to change or edit anything from the existing trading view, you can easily do that. This ensures that customers are receiving the highest level of comfort while they trade. This way, users can make it according to their preferences. You can change the view as you like. This feature is very rare to come by because usually, exchanges do not put effort into providing such privileges to their users.

Fees At GokuMarket

Now when you take a look at many exchanges that are present in the market, you will find a range of them that have quite high fees. This can be quite a difficult thing for beginners who have just started out as their main priority is to just start investing so they can start profiting immediately. This causes many investors to choose average-level exchanges just so that they would not have to pay a lot of trading fees.

Now, what is meant by trading fees? This is a fee that every exchange charges its user, and it is per transaction. This means that any time a user places their order, they have to pay a trading fee. Now, this can be a percentage calculated from your trading order, which is the method most exchanges use. Another important thing to know is that there are two types of people, a taker and a maker. Those who choose an order which already exists in the book of orders are called takers. Makers are those who make additions to the book of orders. Therefore makers help to increase the liquidity.

Investors and traders will realize that GokuMarket is a really good option because you will get the best quality but not have to pay high trading fees. This means that you will not have to compromise the quality just because of the trading fees. GokuMarket offers its customers a trading fee that is below what is set in the market. The fee for standard trading is just 0.15% for both takers and makers. Whereas the market’s average fee is around 0.20% to 0.25% that is really high when compared to what GokuMarket charges its users.

Furthermore, GokuMarket offers its users an additional relief if they are very active while trading. The more they participate, the lesser they have to pay. So if your trading volume is high, you are offered discounts on the trading fee.

Security System At GokuMarket

At GokuMarket, security is taken very seriously. This platform does not take any risk when it comes to securing its site so that customers feel at ease when trading. To ensure safety and security, GokuMarket has incorporated certain security policies on its platform. The main one is the KYC policy. This stands for Know Your Customer. This is a policy by which GokuMarket ensures that only people who are authentic can register and work. You may be wondering how? Well, because of the implementation of this policy, anyone that signs up at GokuMarket has to comply with certain steps in order to start trading.

This includes submitting certain documents which help GokuMarket verify its customers and also determine if their intentions are good or not. There are two steps to this. The first includes submitting a document that is government-issued. This can be a passport copy, ID copy, or driving license. The second part includes verifying your residence; therefore, users are required to submit any document that would verify their name to your address. This can be a utility bill such as an electricity bill.

Once this is done, customers can start using the platform immediately. Two other security policies that GokuMarket has implemented are the AML and the CTF policy. These stand for Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing, both of these are very extensive and are established for the sole purpose that no user with ill-intention can gain access to the platform. Because if they do, it can lead to users losing their investments, sensitive information being leaked, and even the financial market being harmed. So users who are very concerned with the safety of their information and funds can rest assured that GokuMarket is very serious about safety.

Signing Up With GokuMarket

No user likes to sign up at a site that takes a lot of time and asks a lot of unnecessary questions. So to make it easier for the users and less time waste, GokuMarket has adopted a very simple and quick signing up method. The whole procedure takes a very short amount of time to complete. All you have to do is visit the GokuMarket site, then look for the button that says, Register. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to where the form for signing up is.

Then you just have to enter the details it asks for. Then you just have to choose your nationality, agree to the terms and conditions, and press on submit. After this, it will ask you to verify your email, and for this, you just have to click on the link that has been emailed to you. Once your email is verified, your account has been registered, and you just have to log in to begin. To log in, you just have to enter your email and password, and you can begin trading.

Depositing Options At GokuMarket

At GokuMarket, customers get the chance to deposit their funds in many different ways. This has been done so that the process of depositing is not difficult for users, and they can start trading immediately. The main options that customers have are the use of credit or debit cards, a bank wire transfer, or even depositing whatever cryptocurrencies you have. Users can also deposit in fiat currencies. The options available are USD, EUR, BRL, TRY, KZT, RUB, UAH, INR, and GBP. By allowing the users to deposit in the form of fiat currencies, it welcomes traders who are new to the field too because they usually do not have cryptocurrencies. This way, they do not have to worry and can access GokuMarket just like experienced investors.


To conclude, this review has shown the several features that make GokuMarket a really good option. At times like these, it’s hard to find a cryptocurrency exchange that designs its site and policies with the customer’s needs and wants in mind. But GokuMarket does just that, and it helps its customers be on top of the game. So do not forget to check it out.

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