FAFSA Question – Income Change : personalfinance

This is my first year attending college, so I’m not sure if I will qualify for a grant at all, but I have a few questions regarding my eligibility and how I may increase it.

I currently make about $35,000 a year and am considered an independent, and own a house that I pay a $1,200 mortgage on each month. When filling it out, there were no questions about monthly payments, so does this just not qualify as a factor or is there a way that they would take this into consideration?

My other question is about a substantial change in my income. Eligibility is based off of the previous year’s income, and I had a construction job that earned me a lot more money, close to $70,000. I quit that the end of last year, literally like December 30th and started my new, lower paying job immediately after.

As I said, I now earn about half that, $35,000 which will be my rough income throughout college. I’ll technically be a full student and working full time too, if that matters.

Is there any way to get them to consider this income decrease? Otherwise, I’m sure I will not qualify at all based off of 2019 income.


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