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I left a review of my experience with the housers.com platform in Trustpilot, but the platform has been reporting all the bad reviews. So I thought it would be useful to leave it here as well:

“I invested in 2 different projects in this platform and both were supposed to finish almost 1 year ago. The platform issued a two-sentence statement saying the return was delayed without any further explanation. Since then I have contacted them multiple times trying to understand the reason and which actions they were planning to take in order to solve the problem or at least mitigate the loss. They never gave me a direct answer and always avoided the questions by redirecting to another department or saying random things. I have insisted and they stopped replying since 5 months ago. I have been contacted by many people that are in the same situation, so I am sure that this happened with more than just the 2 investments in their platform.
They claim that they never had any loss in any project in their platform. This is true only because when there is the possibility of loss they simply do not close the project and do not return the money. They keep the project open and hanging forever and never return the investors’ money.
To conclude, I have invested my money in several platforms and this is the worst by far. I do not recommend it to anyone since it is very poorly managed, there is no transparency and the probability of losing 100% of the investment is really high. Moreover, you get your hands tied because they do not offer any means for you to recover at least part of the investment.”

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