Ethereum and Tron Continue Surge as Decred Faces Uncertain Future

With the recent volatility experienced in the cryptocurrency market, the performance of some coins can be waived off. Recently, everyone is focused on leading digital currency bitcoin, and its performance in the crypto market and that has sidelined ethereum’s recent performance in early 2020. Also neglected is a one time top 10 coin by market capitalization trons performance in the market recently.



Crypto market top digital currency ethereum enjoyed the beginning of 2020 when the price of the coin rose significantly across January and February. March was a bad month for the crypto after it witnessed a stall in price and crashed later on March 13, a day after leading crypto Bitcoin crashed. However, it looks like ETH is going to make a massive surge soon with the coin trading at $169.04 as at the time of this publication. The coin has made a massive 18.85% jump in as little as five days.

This development came on the back of Santiment, revealing a data that showed the spike in network activity that was recorded by ethereum. Notably, it should be understood that this new figure is way off ethereums high recorded from January 2018. Parabolic SAR confirmed the surge when the bullish tracker appeared below the price candles with RSI showing the indicator staying steady between the oversold and overbought zone.


One time Top 10 coin Tron has been struggling of late in the crypto market with the coin moving down as low as 16th on the chart. TRX new value as at today is $0.013 even with a 24-hour trading volume of $972 million in five days with a 12% increase.  TRX is currently recording stability in its price with the Bollinger Brands holding it steady, but MACD suggests that this development might give way to bullish volatility in the market.

New developments show that Tron would be massive gainers after it appeared in the news recently with Poloniex launched a TRX powered IEO platform.


Decred is in dangers of falling back into bearish territory with its current trade price a little above its bearish support. The autonomous digital currency with a hybrid consensus is currently trading at $12.80 with its support price put at $10.03 and its resistance at $19.17. The digital currency recently recorded an 8.96% gain over the past five days. Even though its closer to it’s bearish, experts have backed the crypto to make a massive surge in the coming days.

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