ETF + Single stocks for boost

What's your opinion on increasing the allocation of certain companies?

For example, imagine you pick VWCE. Great overall fund. VWCE has 2.5% on Microsoft and 1.6% Amazon.

But what if I feel like both of these companies will be at a higher value in 10 years, and then make VWCE 95% of my portfolio, and add 2.5% for Microsoft and 2.5% for Microsoft? Then, for example, Microsoft would be at (0.95*0.025)+(0.05*0.50)=0.04875. This means I'd have 4.875% of Microsoft instead of just 2.5%.

Of course, this is a bet, and it could mean I end up with higher earnings after 10 years, or if I failed, lower earnings. But what's your opinion on doing this type of stuff? Is it worth it, or should I just be a VWCE-ish dead investor?

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