EdPuzzle is a great platform to test for knowledge while students watch a video and learn remotely. We will be releasing new EdPuzzle videos here on the blog each week so that your students can answer questions that are directly embedded within engaging videos. In light of the current pandemic, we will be also adding current event videos from Two Cents when relevant. So, on Thursday over the next few weeks, look for a combination of unit specific and current event EdPuzzle videos! 

This week, we have THREE EdPuzzle videos focusing on both COVID-19 and managing credit. 

The first EdPuzzle video titled “How To Make An Emergency Budget (COVID-19)” focuses on the steps and strategies to create an emergency budget when your income has been reduced.


In the second EdPuzzle video titled”What Goes Into Your Credit Score” your students will learn the FICO score range as well as what factors are used to calculate their FICO score. 


Finally, the third EdPuzzle video titled “Strategies for Debt Repayment” will teach students strategies for debt repayment such as the Snowball Method and the Avalanche Method. 

Interested in more EdPuzzle videos? Visit our Video Library and type in “EdPuzzle” into the search bar at the top to view the rest of our EdPuzzle videos! 

Note: You do NOT need to create an account to ACCESS EdPuzzle videos. But if you do create free teacher and student accounts, you will then be able to capture and save student responses. For more tips and tricks on how to best implement these videos in your classroom, check out NGPF Fellow James Redelsheimer’s blog post or Amanda Volz’s Tech Tip Video. If you would like more information, visit the EdPuzzle Teacher Support page!

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Amanda Volz

Amanda is a personal finance teacher at St. Clair High School in St. Clair, Michigan. She is a strong advocate for financial education, a proud member of the NGPF community, and uses the NGPF resources and curriculum extensively in her classroom.

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