Dogecoin Records 8% Progression Over The Past 24 Hours

The crypto market remains bullish over the past 24 hours and Dogecoin records an 8 percent progression in the meantime. The major cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ripple, and bitcoin were reflecting the steady upside momentum during the same time. DOGE usually follows Bitcoin which is why it increased slightly.

The influence of the momentum could be seen during the opening period of the day and the DOGE/USD price reflected the slight plunge after the great opening but it started improving again. The bullish trend will likely take the price above the monthly high of $0.0022 meaning that Dogecoin records price gains during the steady upside movement with moderate volatility. The currency was trading at $0.0017 price point but then spotted an upward momentum, breaching the $0.0020 price point.

The DOGE price was trading at $0.001830 but the price escalated to $0.00192 by 4.99% within the first hour and kept hovering on, hovering to $0.00198 in the next four hours and it even remained intact until 09:00 UTC. With the slight plunge to $0.00184, the DOGE price regained momentum to the $0.00199 price level.  The currency noted a steel fall and took the price to $0.00184 again but then recovered, managing to cross the $0.0020 mark. The momentum remained intact and the DOGE price touched the $0.00205 at 20:05 UTC. After reaching the $0.00204 for a few hours, the day ended at $0.00198 making an 8 percent profit.

Dogecoin started trading upwards today and the price counters the move from $0.00198 to $0.00208 which is a 5% increase. The coin dribbled in the following hours with a moderate fall. After that, it continued to trade at a similar level while the chances for the coin to breach the next resistance level at $0.0022 are high but the failing below the point could lead to a $0.00189 support.

Dogecoin witnessed a major rise and its market cap went from $226 million on March 30 to $238 million now. Dogecoin (DOGE) is another coin that easily beats Ripple (XRP) since it has 50,000 active addresses. Even Digibyte (DGB) which is not a major cryptocurrency by any definition, managed to beat out Ripple (XRP) since it has over 6,000 active addresses now. The MACD of Dogecoin appears bearish due to the intraday pullback and the signal line crosses above the MACD line. The RSI of this coin is at 48.27 and has no trading extremities right now.

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