Digital Asset Security Firm Ngrave Announces the First EAL7 Certified Cryptocurrency Wallet

Ngrave Zero

The crypto asset security company Ngrave is going to launch a military-grade crypto wallet “Ngrave Zero” which, the company claims, is a completely offline hardware wallet. The security firm claims that the Ngrave zero wallet has the EAL7 security certification which is considered to be the world’s “highest security certification”. According to the company, the launch of this army-grade cryptocurrency wallet is expected to occur next month.


Ngrave Zero Wallet is one hundred percent offline

The digital asset security firm claims that this crypto wallet is a hundred percent offline.
The co-founder and chief executive of Ngrave, Ruben Merre says that Ngrave zero hardware blockchain wallet is the only one in the market which has the EAL7 security certification.

As the Ngrave Co-founder asserts:

“The Ngrave Zero is 100% offline, and features extreme tamper-proofing. It’s the only blockchain wallet with EAL7 security certification, which is the highest security certification in the world.”

Describing the Ngrave Zero wallet further, Ruben Merre says, the blockchain wallet “features multi-layered, military-grade anti-tampering” as well.

The development of Ngrave Zero

The development of the Ngrave zero wallet started in the month of April 2018 and it completed in more than twenty years according to Ruben Merre.

Ngrave co-founder explains that the team of Ngrave firm faced very bad crypto security which led them to the development of the Ngrave zero wallet. Merre also mentions that CTO Xavier Hendrickx lost a huge amount of ETH because of the bad crypto security.

“Ngrave’s three co-founders asked ourselves if there was an existing solution that we would really and completely entrust keeping our crypto for us. We couldn’t find any solution in the market, so we decided to build it ourselves.”

The Zero Wallet has an advanced security system. This system will allow the wallet to act accordingly whenever it gets attacked and remove all of the keys. After launching the Zero wallet next month, the company aims to introduce “Graphene” which is a recoverable backup.

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