Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for April 23

  • Binance Warns iOS Users About Serious Hacking Attempt
  • iPhones and iPads are at Risk due to a Flaw in Apple Mail App
  • The Vulnerability has been Present since iOS Update

Cryptocurrency News Today – the largest exchange in the world, Binance has warned users of Apple devices about serious hacking attempts. Reports indicate that the problem comes from a flaw in Apple’s mail app. Both iPads and iPhones reportedly compromised. This problem also makes users of crypto exchanges vulnerable to certain attacks since their online data is accessible.

The Vulnerability Has Lingered for Years

ZecOps, a cybersecurity firm based in San Francisco highlighted the effects of this vulnerability. From the report, a hacker can execute the code remotely by sending emails to the device. Such emails may consume a lot of memory. Most times, it could be a regular-sized email as long as it is large enough to consume RAM.

The attack is a huge security risk because it requires opening the email and the malicious software will be downloaded on the device. In this case, the user does not even need to click any links in the email.

This vulnerability has been present in the Apple mail app since iOS 6 was released. This update was released on the iPhone 5. In the different operating systems over the years, the effects are different. For example, on iOS 13, the vulnerability trigger does not require a user to open the mail. When the email is downloaded in the background, it can be affected. Some other versions are a bit different, but iOS 12 also has mail-opening and zero-click abilities.

Hackers can modify, delete or leak emails

The report also revealed that the exploitation of emails in this manner allows hackers to modify, delete, or leak data. In other cases, the vulnerability gives the hacker full access to the smartphone or tablet. So far, no reports have backed this claim. Pending the release of any software update to correct the problem, users must safeguard their digital currency and data.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance reechoed these words in a statement where he emphasized the importance of taking precautions. He said it is a serious security issue that affects every single iPhone user and urged all users to take action to protect themselves from hackers.

Earlier today, Binance exchange took to Twitter to inform its users of the potential problem as well as steps to take to avoid it.

users have been advised to activate 2-factor authentication as this will reduce absolute dependence on passwords and emails. Also, long term investors and hodlers are advised to search for alternative open-source wallets that offer complete custody. It is considered a better option than leaving it on cryptocurrency exchanges.


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