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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Bloggers

Cryptocurrency gives opportunities to many users to become a part of a big digital society. Some people mine crypto and invest money, while analysts cover events happening in the crypto sphere. Keeping up with the time, the crypto world has its bloggers including professionals and amateurs. 

A lot of people are staying at home during the quarantine. Most of them have no idea how to spend time. For those, who are twiddling their thumbs now, or just seeking to find some new crypto resources, there is a list of 13 best cryptocurrency and blockchain bloggers to read or watch. 

#1. Cointelegraph

crytpocurrency and blockchain bloggers

Founded in 2013, Cointelegraph is the media platform that broadcasts news about blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications, and current financial trends. The blog draws readers’ attention thanks to impartial articles and a wide variety of topics. The authors consider it important to inform readers not only about the basic crypto news, but also about the whole digital revolution, or where people might implement blockchain in the modern world.

#2. CCN

crytpocurrency and blockchain bloggers

CCN or Crypto Coins News was founded in 2013 in Norway. This news outlet was among the first editions, which began to cover Bitcoin and Altcoins news. Today it has a lot of price predictions and market forecasts as well as articles about gaming news, business, politics, etc.

#3. CoinDesk

crytpocurrency and blockchain bloggers

CoinDesk is another well-known media resource founded in 2013. The blog has an impressive number of readers, the quantity is over 10 million and its Bitcoin Price index is regularly mentioned by such serious media platforms as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and many others. 

CoinDesk positions itself as an environment for the upcoming generation of investors who are researching how cryptocurrencies and digital assets contribute to the development of the worldwide financial system.

Furthermore, Coindesk is very friendly for crypto beginners. There are great articles about crypto basics.

#4. Bitcoin News

crytpocurrency and blockchain bloggers

Bitcoin News is one of the main resources that provides everything related to Bitcoin. It consists of Bitcoin industry news, policy and regulation, useful practical materials, tutorials, and tips. Moreover, there is a forum so you can engage with the Bitcoin community online. 

#5. Bitcoinist

crytpocurrency and blockchain bloggers

Founded in 2013, Bitcoinist is another great media source about Bitcoin. Bitcoinits has over 2 million readers every month. A brilliant team of the blog, covers community events, business news, fintech, trending, and many more.

#6. Reddit. Bitcoin — The Currency of The Internet

The currency of the Internet was created on Reddit in 2010 and it is followed by 1.3 million people. The blog is dedicated to events related to Bitcoin. Admins claim that the currency of the Internet can be interesting for professionals and amateurs.

#7. Reddit. Bitcoin — The Internet of Money

The internet of money is another Reddit blog about Bitcoin. This resource was created to support free discussions about different BTC events.

#8. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, always provides a wide array of fresh news for his Twitter followers. For sure, Vitalik does not share random news, he always expresses his opinion on different events. 

However, his twitter might be complicated to understand, because Vitalik’s tweets are full of professional vocabulary. 

Take a look at Vitalik’s blog to find out more 

#9. Laura Shin

Laura Shin is a crypto-journalist, who gained her popularity while working as a crypto expert for Forbes. Nowadays, she is hosting two podcasts, Unchained and Unconfirmed. Unchained is about people building the decentralized Internet, about crypto confidentiality and security, etc. On Unconfirmed Laura interviews significant crypto people.

#10. Roger Ver

Roger Ver is an early Bitcoin investor and promoter. He is also well-known as a founder of Bitcoin Cash. 

Roger Ver is a controversial person because of his engagement in the Bitcoin Cash fork war. However, his 597k audience believes that his blog is worth reading. 

#11. Ivan on Tech

Cryptocurrency bloggers

The youtube channel Ivan on Tech is about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies with over 200k subscribers and more than 18 million views. Ivan is a Swedish software developer, an international speaker, a blockchain educator, and a data scientist. 

Moreover, Ivan has his own education online academy

#12. Doug Polk Crypto

cryptocurrency bloggers

Doug Polk Crypto is another successful crypto blogger who is making videos with current news of such projects as Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Litecoin, and many other important currencies. Doug Polk Crypto has over 170k subscribers and more than 9 million views.

#13. Crypto Bobby

Cryptocurrency bloggers

Crypto Bobby positions himself like a crypto amateur. On his channel, he gives comments on various events happening in the crypto world. There are mostly streams that he makes himself, or sometimes Crypto Bobby invites dome crypto experts or amateurs as well. 

Channel is subscribed by 134k people with over 7 million views.

Bottom Line

For sure, there are many talented bloggers as well as professional news outlets. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these blogs can help you to understand various crypto processes and get you through news, opinions, estimates. Choose the one you like and find out more about the crypto community, events, and learn crypto basics.

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